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125 TRI MAX®

125 TRI MAX®

Three Products in One Thinset with Maximum Performance.
125 TRI MAX® provides incredible sound isolation protection while simultaneously protecting the tile or stone finish from any cracking by reducing the transmission of stresses in the substrate through to the tile or stone finish. 125 TRI MAX is a single component adhesive mortar which takes the place of costly time consuming anti fracture membrane or mat systems by allowing for faster more effective tile or stone installations. Replace sheet or liquid membrane and thinset combinations for crack isolation and sound reduction with one product saving time, labor and money.

125 TRI MAX is a superior crack prevention and sound reduction adhesive mortar. It prevents the transmission of cracks from the approved substrates to the tile or stone finish when subjected to horizontal in plane movement of cracks up to 1/8" (3 mm) under normal usage. It can be used for thin-bed or medium-bed applications and used with any size tile or stone.

Features & Benefits

  • Anti-fracture and sound reduction in one step so you can install tile fast reducing labor and material cost by 15 to 20%
  • Single component (just add water) making it easy to mix, spread and use
  • Lightweight, 50 lb (22.7 kg) coverage in a 25lb (11.4 kg) bag
  • 36% post consumer recycled content contributes to LEED
  • Fiber reinforced producing a stronger bond
  • Heavy per ASTM C627 Robinson Floor Test – TCNA so you can use it in high traffic areas

Provide worry-free installations and peace of mind:

  • Independently tested to ANSI A118.12 specification for crack isolation for ceramic tile and stone installations
  • Independently tested to ASTM E2179 and ASTM E492 for impact sound reduction
  • Part of our 25 Year Warranty† 
  • Equipped with anti-microbial technology to protect the treated article

†See Data Sheet DS-025.0 for complete warranty information 

Try out the industry’s first 3 in 1 mortar!

  • Product #: 0125-0025-21
  • Patent #(s): United States Invention Patent No.: 6784229 (and other Patents)
  • Packaging Sizes:
    • 25LB (11.4KG) BAG
  • Available Colors: 1
  • Part of System: LATICRETE®

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